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100% of donated funds are used for the the Henderson Community. All funds taken in are put toward the use of connecting the Henderson Police Department with Community Partners and Stakeholders.



FOHPDThe idea for creating the Foundation was the result of a couple of things:

1. Having attended the HPD Citizen's Academy and wanting to know what other opportunities existed to stay involved in a support capacity.

2. The epiphany that - The best candidates for a law enforcement agency can be well-selected and well-trained, but function optimally only with the full support of their community. The community support should be measurable, improvable, and provided in concert with the department to compliment the department's existing efforts or projected direction in a given area.

3. Having seen a news report about the Metro Police Department's Civilian Academy Alumni Association purchasing training equipment for Metro and being inspired to research that organization and meeting with the Friends of Metro Foundation's Executive Director to "pick his brain" about how they support Metro.

4. Having first informally floated the idea past some of HPD's command staff, and then meeting with the Chief directly several times to formally discuss the idea and develop it with his input. Our main goals are to be a financial resource to the HPD, and raise community support, as per our mission statement and we are currently discussing events, such as golf tournaments, marketing opportunities, dinners, social media events, etc. Our secondary efforts to support the HPD thru volunteering include, but would not be limited to:

1. Collecting candy for the CRU's Halloween Trunk or Treat events.

2. Collecting snacks for the school kids that participate in the "Every 15 Minutes" drunk/impaired driving awareness program.

3. Speaking at graduation to the HPD Civilian's Academy about the opportunities to continue to support the department, and create a database of the alumni to stay in contact with.

4. Role Playing for the Practical testing at the police academy. Civilians are utilized to play the witness, victim, or suspect in a scenario the recruits are dispatched to in order to evaluate their abilities in communication, investigation, problem solving, knowledge of applicable statutes, etc.

5. Recruiting efforts with the City of Henderson HR Department.

6. To participate in the Oral Board evaluations for potential officers.

7. To participate in the critical incident review boards.

8. To be civilian ambassadors for the HPD and law enforcement in the community.

Friends of the Henderson Police Department Foundation is a 501C3 non-profit organization that is committed to supporting the mission of the Henderson Police Department through organized volunteering and fundraising efforts in the areas of: Training, Equipment Acquisition, Fallen or injured officer and their families, & Community Relations Programs.