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100% of donated funds are used for the the Henderson Community. All funds taken in are put toward the use of connecting the Henderson Police Department with Community Partners and Stakeholders.



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K9 Officer N. Papacs and his canine partners Doerak and Abby - K9 Officer C. Mancuso and his canine partners Rony and Vinny - K9 Sergeant C. Smith and his canine partner Ajo - Lieutenant H. Chadwick
K9 Officer C. Landis and his canine partner Daisy - K9 Officer K. Grant and his canine partners Master and Drake - K9 Officer M. Doleshal and his canine partner Jano

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Sponsor a K-9

cop car k9 01The first fundraising campaign of the Friends of Henderson Police Department (“Friends of HPD”) is for an everyday use agility course for the Henderson Police Department (“HPD”)’s K-9 unit and comes at a cost of $45,000. The agility course will serve a dual purpose with the City of Henderson’s Animal Shelter as it will be located on the same premises, just north of the animal shelter building off of Galleria Street. This course will provide dogs waiting for rescue a place to play, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors.

K-9 agility courses are full of positive benefits for canine officers and their human partners. These courses are a healthy and safe outlet which combines cardiovascular work, communication, obedience, and coordination for canine officers and their partners. Most importantly, this course will provide HPD’s canine officers a recreational outlet while building the relationship between them and their partner.

You’re sponsorship of one of our K-9 officers includes a personalized plaque that will be hung at the entrance at the dedication of the agility course and a personalized paver that will be placed in the walkway between the animal shelter and the agility course. These personalized items will include your K-9 officer’s name, up to three lines of personalized text and your name (if desired). In addition to helping build our agility course, your sponsorship will also follow your K-9 officer through retirement, providing $1,500.00 in savings for those special years (please see the Retirement Savings campaign for more information). Your sponsorship will be designated in trust for your K-9. Our fundraising goal for this campaign is $6,500.00 per K-9 officer. Limited to one per K-9 on a first come, first serve basis.

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Retirement Savings

Every hacop car k9 area 01rd, American worker dreams of retirement and our K-9 officers are no different. During retirement, the City of Henderson contributes veterinary services and food as part of each K-9 officer’s pension plan, but our K-9 human officers still come out of pocket to cover food, which amounts to about $200.00 a year. This campaign helps take that burden off our handlers. The funds in this campaign will be distributed monthly pro-rata based on the number of retired K-9s in our system at December 31st of each year. The funds raised as of October 31st of each year will be distributed over the following calendar year. Our fundraising goal for this campaign is $2,500.00. This will allow us to immediately disperse $2,000.00 beginning January, 2017 and give us a trust fund balance going into our 2017 fundraising year.

Build a Home

In addition to veterinary services and food, the City of Henderson also provides kennel panels to each handler to construct a custom K-9 home at their personal residence, as each canine officer goes home every night with their human partner. They do not play or interact with the Officer’s family as to not compromise their training, that day will come when she retires. In the meantime, they are each outfitted with custom homes that each handler constructs using their personal funds. These custom homes include many wonderful features including insulation, flooring, an air conditioner, and a heater. They also come with a price of $4,000-$5,000.00 each! Please help us build a home for our canine officers and help elevate the burden our dedicated handlers. Our fundraising goal for this campaign is $10,000.00, of which $4,500.00 will be dispersed as soon as the goal is met to reimburse our current handlers ($500 per K-9 officer) and the balance will be held in trust to help build the home of new K-9 officer recruits.




Canine Officer Jano
K9 Officer N. Papacs & Doerak
K9 Officer N. Papacs & Abby
K9 Officer C. Mancuso & Rony
	K9 Officer C. Mancuso & Vinny
K9 Sergeant C. Smith & Ajo
K9 Officer C. Landis & Daisy
K9 Officer K. Grant & Master
K9 Officer K. Grant & Drake
K9 Officer M. Doleshal & Jano